Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Kulim Town :- Jalan Sekolah - Kulim Town

Jalan Sekolah is located near the Old UMNO building in Kulim Town. Way back in the 60's , there were 2 blocks of Tamil school and a small padang in front of the Old UMNO building. At the confluence of Jalan Merdeka and Jalan Tunku Asaad is an old Tamil School painted in dark green paint. And in front of the Tamil School is a big majestic Rain Tree (Samanea saman).

It's a pity I cant get hold of a photo of the old Tamil School which was located in the heart of Kulim Town. Maybe Pak Bill who now resides in Australia will be able to give a better account of the scenario back in the old days? So thats how Jalan Sekolah got its name!


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