Monday, February 11, 2008

Kulim Town :- The Kulim River

The Kulim River originates from the the Western slopes of Gunung Bongsu Range and it flows in a North-Westerly direction and then joins with the Keladi River. At the headwaters, the Kulim catchment is hilly and densely forested. The river slopes are steep and the channel elevation drops from 500m to 20m average mean sea level over a distance of 9 kilometer.

Rivers that flows in the Kulim district are :-

1 Kulim River
2 Ular River
3 Kilang Lama River
4 Tebuan River
5 Keladi River
6 Ayer Merah Tengah River
7 Badak River
8 Lembu River
9 Wang Pinang River

For more information read this article :- Effect of a 100-year Flood on River Stability: Case study of Kulim River

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