Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Kulim Town :- The Majistrate Building

The Kulim Survey Department Building

JKR Building

Pay your water bills here.
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Road Leading To Lunas

After Sungai Limau...proceed further up and you will end up in Lunas. Take the left turn..you will end up on the Butterworth - Grik highway.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Stalls Selling Kuih At The New Market

Cost of living in Kulim is still low.4 kuih's at a ringgit!!! Thats why the Pak Chik in the foreground is carrying a rather large tote bag for his shopping!

Jalan Bayu -Near Bumiputra Commerce

On the far right of this photo ..was a little settlement or a small kampung . It was there during the mid sixties and vanished in the late 70's.

Jalan Market

Jalan Tunku Bendahara- Jalan Panchor

Go left for about 2 miles you will reach the Kulim Rumah Murah residential section.It was established in the early 60's by the Tungku Government. Right in front of the sign board will be the former nasi lemak stall..which was fondly known as Kedai nasi lemak Mat Sport.

The Main Road

The Main Road Leading To The Town Center

Old Sign Board- Jalan Tunku Putra

The old sign board of Jalan Tunku Putera still surviving the passage of time. Silver scripts embossed on a black paint background. New sign boards have replaced old ones.The new ones are blue colored.

Jalan Tunku Putra in 1961- two way traffic flow that time . The roads were riddled by bicycles in those days . Go towards the right of this photo you will sure meet the famous Kulim Roundabout!! Sadly, it no longer exists.

The Old Wet Market

The Old Kulim Wet Market. On the far right will be old Kulim Bus Station. This site was humming with activity during the early sixties right through the late seventies. I still remember live chickens being slaughtered and processed at stalls located on the far left of the photo. At that time it was still "Katis" and "Tahils"..."Chupak" and "Gantangs".

The Former Kulim Roundabout Site

The spot where the former Kulim Roundabout was. It was rather small, about 12 feet in diameter. Yes, the famous KK Nasi Kandar is right infront of the Grey Wira. If you proceed foward the road leads you to the old Kulim Hospital. I believe the old hospital has now become a nursing college.

Kapitol Cinema

Way throught the early sixties and the early eighties Kulim folks had their share of entertainment of the silver screen at Kapitol cinema . I had a few fond memories of this cinema. In the late sixties the famous Indonesian Nasyid Group El-Suraya had performed in this theater. I was there witnessing the famous nasyid song of "Selimut Putih".

The Old Police Station

The Kulim Police Station located near the old Round About which no longer exists. I longed for the old Kulim Roundabout photo? Is they any available out there?????

Kampong Ayer Merah- Kulim

In a nut shell :- A small kampung in the outskirt of Kulim Town. If you drive 2 miles westward , you will reach the Kedah - Penang boundry.

Briefly :- Its a little village in the outskirts of Kulim town. About 3 miles from the town center. Located along the Kulim - Bukit Mertajam trunk road.

In the early 60's and late 70's the village is dotted with large rubber plantations. A famous rubber plantation bordering the village is the Lily Estate. Owned by a rich Malay family but was eventually sold to housing developers in the early 80's. Taman Bersatu, a large housing estate bordering the village was built on a former rubber

Its predominantly habitated by Malays ( 99% )and Indians ( rubber tappers ). There are very few Indians left in the village as they are relocated to other parts of the Kulim District when rubber estates are no longer making profits and was eventually sold to housing developers .

The village surau is located right across the Kulim - Bukit Mertajam trunk road. Its a wooden two story building painted light cream . The surau is being used as a kindergarten for pre schoolers in the mornings and afternoons . Villagers perform their daily prayers at the surau .Right opposite the surau are private houses built on small lots of land that is being sold by the chettiars in the early 70's.

Three famous landmarks the dominates the village are the new Kulim District Police Headquarters the Kolej MARA Kulim campus and the new mosque with a huge dome .A used car dealer has set up its shown room opposite the surau.It has since become the new landmark for the tiny village.

Jalan Pondok Labu - Jln Tg.Asaad Intersection

Sunday, March 26, 2006

The Main Road Leading To Bukit Awi

The Golden Dome of the Kulim Mosque can be view from a distance. This is the mian road to Bukit Mertajam. Along the way you will pass through Bukit Awi, Taman Bersatu, the Jalan Junjung Intersection, Kampung Ayer Merah and the Kedah - Penang boundry.

The Kulim Town Padang

Located near the Town Center. This Padang has hosted lots of events for Kuim folks such as election rallies,wayang padang,ceramah by Jabatan Penerangan,fun fairs as well as kugirans and a few pestas.

The Kulim Land Office

The New Kulim Town Wet Market

Panoramic View

This photo was taken near Taman Selasih.On the far right of the photo is the famous Kedah Peak. Iam surprised of this fact.Kedah Peak can be viewed from Kulim!

KulimTown Clock Tower